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Tracks BC Gary Drinkall & Blaine Trenholm Guides
Hello we are Gary Drinkall & Blaine Trenholm. Welcome to Tracks BC. We offer guided big game hunts and outdoor trips in the Peace River area of British Columbia, Canada.
BC Hunting Guides & Outfitters
Tracks BC Hunting Guides & Outfitters
Our hunting areas are located in the South Peace Region of North Eastern B.C, which is some of the most game rich country in North America.
BC Outfitters & Guides
We hunt all the way from the Alberta border to south west of Chetwynd, British Columbia. The areas include 3600 square miles of approximate hunting territory and include management units 720, 721, 722, 732, and 733. This is the key to our success rate and the harvesting of exceptional trophies year after year.
With this much country available we are able to use strict management plans that will ensure this area is not over hunted. The terrain varies greatly from high glacial mountains, valleys and river systems down to the foothills and farmland which is conducive in growing outstanding animals.
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Gary Drinkall & Blaine Trenholm of Tracks BC, and their guides and camp staff are dedicated to providing you with an incredible hunt and traditional hunting camp experience.

With years of experience Gary and his team know where the big ones are located. Not only will you hunt you will also take in the breath taking scenery that only the BC back country offers, for those who are will to come and explore it with us .

Follow our Hunting News for 2018.

We had a great hunting camp in 2017 and 2018 is shaping up to exceed expectations.

We attended at the Dallas Safaris Club Convention in Texas in January and the SCI Convention in Las Vegas in February.

It was great to see so many old customers re-booking and to say hello to the many new clients that will be joining us in camp this season, welcome and thank you.
BC Hunting Guides and Outfitters Gary Drinkall & Blaine Trenholm live in British Columbia - its home to a rich diversity and the abundance of Big Game species. 
There are still a few dates available. Call Gary Drinkall in BC Cell 250 788 5460 Office 250 788 2115
We offer Elk Hunting, in the Peace River area of BC. For the Elk hunting, we have 2 hunters per camp. These hunts are by horseback or by riverboat.
We offer Whitetail Deer Hunting & Mule Deer Hunting, in the Peace River area of BC. Deer hunting will either be spot and stalk or done from stands.

We offer Moose Hunting, in the Peace River area of BC. For the Moose hunting we have 2 hunters per camp. These hunts are done by horseback or riverboat.
In the Spring, we offer Black Bear Hunting and Grizzly Bear Hunting. Bear hunts will either be spot and stalk or done from stands.
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Now is the time to make an inquiry or a booking for 2018-19 spring bear hunt or maybe fall season for Goat, Elk, Moose, Deer. Black Bear.

Visit our contact page, fill in your details and we will contact you. We will get in contact with you and work out a hunt plan, dates and rates.

If this is your first time we are here to assist you.

If you are an experienced hunter looking for a new adventure or a different species - then, we can give you that experience.

Clients fly into Fort St. John airport in B.C.
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BC Hunting Guide Outfitters
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